Ilaaj is a free service that allows patients to book Doctor appointments online.

With over 170000 doctors in the database, we are one of the largest database of doctors in India. The service is completely free to use for consumers. Doctors can register for free and showcase their medical profile online. Doctors can also manage online appointments in lieu of a nominal subscription fee.
Major benefits for doctors:

  • Doctors can get more online exposure and patients.
  • Hassle-free online patient management system.
  • Secure storage of patient records online
  • Individual practitioner can practice as a multi-speciality system.
  • A rural practitioner cannot only refer but also maintain the record and trace the patient or communicate with the apex hospital or higher centre.

The Team

Anikendra Das Choudhury
Anikendra Das Choudhury has a B.Tech degree from IIT Guwahati and has several years of experience in IT industry. He has started up several ventures in the past and his desire to do something for the betterment of the society led to this venture. He handles the technical side of the web portal as well as the business development.

Message from the management

Dear Colleagues,

Being an individual doctor of the 21st century is a tough job as many corporate nursing homes are growing around us. They have millions to invest in advertising their hospitals and doctors. Why don't we put our efforts together? Rather than practising alone we can be a part of India's largest and strongest organization without any investment.
Joining this portal will provide you online appointment facility, online patient record management, which provides a way to penetrate into the distant areas. You can also get access to various hospital information regarding your career options, fellowship programs, medical updates and so many countless benefits.