4 Things That Happen During Sex That Are Totally Normal

Illustration by @babydragonborn I really cannot believe we have entered 2017 with the same stupid attitude towards women having sex. Nearly every day now, I see some ignorant comment that slut-shames women. Young girls write me all the time stressed out over their bodies. It also makes me really sad when my friends share their distain for really trivial things too. Do you what the underlying problem is though? Men had made them feel this way. Before you go ‘not ALL men’ on me, I am completely aware that some men are educated. I sleep with one! But as sex positive as my boyfriend is, I’m still teaching him everyday. I think at the end of the day these attitudes definitely stem from lack of education. There’s women about there who know nothing about their bodies, how bizarre is that? Whether you’re a teenage girl worrying about something your idiot boyfriend said to you, a mother wanting to show their kid some honest info, a woman worrying about her body, or a guy looking to wise up, here are some totally normal things that have happened to me during sex. Fanny farts post doggy Vaginal farts are a thing and they’re super loud. I experience them every time I have sex in the doggy position without fail. These happen when the air gets into your vagina and then gets back out. And you guys, they are the loudest fucking things. Like a million times louder than farts themselves. To be honest, I am always amused and kind of impressed at the volume of them? That may sound weird, but isn’t the human body just so fascinating? You’re probably going to encounter some people who are going to be totally grossed out by them. I think it’s just best to laugh it off. If you’re sleeping with somebody who is grossed out by something your body does, should you be sleeping with them at all? Imagine how offended guys would get if women showed disgust over semen. If you really want to eliminate them, try doing some kegels maybe? Vaginismus Vaginismus is a very real condition that doesn’t get enough recognition. Do you tense up when you’re about to have sex? Is penetration impossible for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot more people suffer from this than you think, read more about vaginismus here. Men mistaking discharge for wetness I know I have covered a lot of hetero sex here but I haven’t experienced these things with women. You’d like to assume that because your partner has a vagina as well, she’d kind of be in the know already. There are a number of other identities out there too that I obviously don’t feel qualified enough to talk about. Since I have been in a relationship for nearly four years now, most of the sex I talk about is P in V! Something that really amuses me is remembering all the bad sex I had as a teenager. I don’t really think there was ever an emphasis on having to be wet or using lube if not. I remember there was one time where my partner at the time was like “woah, you are SO wet today” and I was so confused because I didn’t feel especially turned on. Later, I realised it was discharge and he threw a total hissy fit. He somehow made my perfectly normal bodily function about himself. Having your cervix hit during sex The cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue that basically connects your vagina and uterus. If you put your finger inside of your vagina and hit a wall, that’s your cervix. If somebody is really going to town on your vagina, your cervix can get hit. Obviously these things affect people differently but I find it really hurts when this happens. I mostly experience this when doing doggy style, again! Another important thing to note is that your cervix changes position depending on where you are in your cycle. So if you’re wondering why a certain position hurts one week and doesn’t the next, that’s probably why! The next time you experience pain after hard sex and wondering what the hell happened, it’s quite likely your cervix took a beating.   What totally normal things have you been shamed for? – Like what you’re reading? Good news! You can follow me here too: Bloglovin’ – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook The post 4 Things That Happen During Sex That Are Totally Normal appeared first on CATTITUDE & CO..